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Using Kratom for Weight Loss

kratom weight lossOne of the most interesting and often overlooked effects of kratom, is its ability to help the user lose weight. Although the reasons for this aren’t well know, we do know that it can be a fairly potent appetite suppressant.

Although not all strains are ideal for this, nearly all of them can help the user lose weight. Since I started taking kratom over ten years ago, I have lost 20 lbs. without any real dietary changes. It’s pretty impressive, in fact, and it’s something that I’m pretty proud of.

The best strains for those who are looking to lose weight are Thai and Maeng Da strains. These two strains are by far the most potent for suppressing appetite due to their stimulant effects. Strains such as Bali, while they still have some appetite suppressant qualities, can cause cravings for sweeter food (from my and other users’ experiences).

Although kratom isn’t an alternative to eating healthy and working out, it is surprisingly effective.



A Kratom Testimonial that Everyone Should Watch

I’ve always loved hearing great testimonials on how much kratom has helped people. Although I haven’t dealt with many of the issues that others have, such as painkiller addiction or severe pain, I can still sympathize, as I have had my share of difficult experiences. Videos like this are the reason that I made this blog.


Tips for Avoiding Kratom Tolerance

kratom toleranceAs many on the internet often proclaim, tolerance is a b*tch. Almost any medication that has fast acting and reliable effects causes a tolerance of some sort. The reason for this varies somewhat from compound to compound, but overall the mechanisms of tolerance tend to be quite similar.

When you take any compound daily, your body quickly realizes that it needs to achieve homeostasis and adapt to its new environment. In a way, tolerance is an effect of evolutionary biology. With compounds such as kratom, or anti-anxiety medication, or even stimulants, once the compound is absorbed, it effects certain receptors; in the case of kratom, the receptors effected are the mu-opiod receptors and adrenergic receptors.

The effects on the mu-opiod receptors cause the painkilling and euphoric effects that kratom is well-known for. However, when you take kratom daily, the levels of alkaloids remains fairly constant in the brain, and your body adapts by increasing receptor sites for these compounds within the brain; this means that it takes more of the compound to achieve full receptor action. Additionally, it is speculated that the body creates natural peptides which act as an opiod antagonist to counteract the effects of the compound, though we don’t yet know how much of a role they play.

Because the effects of kratom can wane dramatically when taken every day, it is essential to avoid building a kratom tolerance if you want to achieve the peak effects. This can be done through a few different methods. The first method is obviously to take less kratom, or to space kratom dosage out further. This will ensure that the levels of kratom alkaloids don’t remain at a constant level throughout the day, decreasing the body’s tolerance reaction.

If you must take kratom daily due to a medical condition, or as a maintenance drug for opiate addiction, another way to reduce kratom tolerance is to cycle your kratom strains. This is best done with at least 4 different strains. Each day, you will want to take a strain different from the day before, preferably, the least similar. Because different kratom strains have different alkaloids, the body doesn’t adapt to a specific set of alkaloids as quickly.

There are a few compounds that can reduce or delay the development of tolerance, such as magnesium. Because magnesium acts at NMDA receptors, which are primarily responsible for the development of tolerance, it can reduce the likelihood of high tolerance acquisition.

Overall, the best way to reduce tolerance is to take kratom less, however, in some cases, that is not a possibility. If so, try to keep your tolerance low by taking breaks as often as possible. This will keep the plant functioning at full efficiency.


Finally an Positive Kratom News Article


When it comes to kratom, it’s hard for a news site not to be biased in one way or another, especially in today’s climate where reason is tossed aside for entertainment purposes. With so many negative kratom news, it’s a relief to find a good article about the benefits and drawbacks of this great plant. We know it’s not a cure-all, but it has helped more people than I know.

Anyone who is keeping kratom legal should get the message across, we need more people giving their opinions and sharing their stories about how kratom helped them.


My Experiences with Buying Kratom Online

my experiences buying kratom onlineLike many others who use kratom either medicinally or recreationally, I have had a large variety of experiences buying kratom, many good, and many bad. And although not everyone’s situation and purpose for taking kratom is the same, I feel a few people may be able to benefit from my own successes and losses.

When I first started buying kratom, this was back around 2004, the only varieties of kratom readily available were Bali and Maeng Da. Typically, the Bali strains were gauged by potency, which lead to categories such as “Regular”, “Super”, and “Premium.”

Like many others, when I first bought kratom, I bought the lowest amount possible in order to see if I would benefit from its effects, at this point, it was one ounce. As suggested by many, I started with a fairly low dosage of two grams, and after an hour, I made 3 grams. As soon as the 3 gram cup of kratom was finished, I realized the first two grams were kicking in, giving me a high level of energy, as well as the warmth typical of this plant. At this time, this vendor became one of my top choices.

After that, I tried many other vendors, and had a horrible experience. I was shipped crushed kratom leaf, and I made kratom tea with 5 grams. I drank it, and nothing, or so I thought. After about 45 minutes, I started sweating more than I thought possible. For some reason, however, I wasn’t energized. I quickly looked up reviews on this vendor, and apparently for the last month, his batches has been very low quality – I quickly learned my lesson, and since then have always looked at reviews before buying kratom online.

I’ve had many experiences with vendors shipping the wrong product, or the wrong amount, and while most of the time they are quick to fix this, some vendors which I won’t mention, become belligerent when you suggest that something could be possibly wrong with the product they sent you. In order to screen these vendors out, I typically send them a message a day before buying any product. This helps me weed out the vendors with bad attitudes, or poor customer service. Since then, every vendor I have bought kratom from has quickly and politely corrected any mistakes made.

Because the kratom market changes so quickly, a vendor that is good today may disappear tomorrow, and new fantastic vendor may appear. For this reason, I suggest joining a community which keeps up-to-date vendor information and reviews available, there are quite a few of these.

Buying good kratom online is an art as much as it is a science, and if you intend to buy kratom long-term, be sure to have a contingency plan if one vendor doesn’t work out. By taking the right precautions, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.



Kratom and Your Diet (Getting the Best Effects from this Plant)

diet and kratomBecause kratom has to be broken down and digested before it becomes fully active, your diet can play a large roll the effects of kratom has for you. Although many users differ on when to eat before taking kratom, it can play a large role on the effects that it has.

The most common and “purist” stance is to take kratom on a fully empty stomach. The reasons for this are obvious, as the kratom is digested a lot faster and doesn’t have to wait to be absorbed the rest of the food in your stomach. However, when kratom is taken on an empty stomach, the effects tend to wear of much more quickly, this is especially noticeable if you take kratom in the morning before eating.

Another common school is to eat a light meal or snack around 45 minutes to an hour before dosing. This tends to delay the onset of kratom slightly, but improves the duration. The fat content can also help some of the other alkaloids absorb faster than they would have on a purely empty stomach. Many users say that this helps provide a more complete feeling to the kratom than simply taking it on an empty stomach, you can see many varying opinions on this topic here.

Although I have some experience with both of these, I can’t simply choose one over the other. If you want the best of both worlds, I highly suggest taking kratom on an empty stomach along with some source of fat. This could be an avocado, or simply a coffee with cream (my personal wake-up routing).

As you mature in your kratom usage, you will quickly find out what works best for you and what doesn’t. I know people who only take kratom on an empty stomach and others who will only take it when they eat.  Even then, some strains may be better for you after or before eating, so trial and error is essential.

I wish you the best of luck, and I’m sure you’ll find what’s best for you.