My Experiences with Buying Kratom Online

my experiences buying kratom onlineLike many others who use kratom either medicinally or recreationally, I have had a large variety of experiences buying kratom, many good, and many bad. And although not everyone’s situation and purpose for taking kratom is the same, I feel a few people may be able to benefit from my own successes and losses.

When I first started buying kratom, this was back around 2004, the only varieties of kratom readily available were Bali and Maeng Da. Typically, the Bali strains were gauged by potency, which lead to categories such as “Regular”, “Super”, and “Premium.”

Like many others, when I first bought kratom, I bought the lowest amount possible in order to see if I would benefit from its effects, at this point, it was one ounce. As suggested by many, I started with a fairly low dosage of two grams, and after an hour, I made 3 grams. As soon as the 3 gram cup of kratom was finished, I realized the first two grams were kicking in, giving me a high level of energy, as well as the warmth typical of this plant. At this time, this vendor became one of my top choices.

After that, I tried many other vendors, and had a horrible experience. I was shipped crushed kratom leaf, and I made kratom tea with 5 grams. I drank it, and nothing, or so I thought. After about 45 minutes, I started sweating more than I thought possible. For some reason, however, I wasn’t energized. I quickly looked up reviews on this vendor, and apparently for the last month, his batches has been very low quality – I quickly learned my lesson, and since then have always looked at reviews before buying kratom online.

I’ve had many experiences with vendors shipping the wrong product, or the wrong amount, and while most of the time they are quick to fix this, some vendors which I won’t mention, become belligerent when you suggest that something could be possibly wrong with the product they sent you. In order to screen these vendors out, I typically send them a message a day before buying any product. This helps me weed out the vendors with bad attitudes, or poor customer service. Since then, every vendor I have bought kratom from has quickly and politely corrected any mistakes made.

Because the kratom market changes so quickly, a vendor that is good today may disappear tomorrow, and new fantastic vendor may appear. For this reason, I suggest joining a community which keeps up-to-date vendor information and reviews available, there are quite a few of these.

Buying good kratom online is an art as much as it is a science, and if you intend to buy kratom long-term, be sure to have a contingency plan if one vendor doesn’t work out. By taking the right precautions, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.


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