Using Kratom for Weight Loss

kratom weight lossOne of the most interesting and often overlooked effects of kratom, is its ability to help the user lose weight. Although the reasons for this aren’t well know, we do know that it can be a fairly potent appetite suppressant.

Although not all strains are ideal for this, nearly all of them can help the user lose weight. Since I started taking kratom over ten years ago, I have lost 20 lbs. without any real dietary changes. It’s pretty impressive, in fact, and it’s something that I’m pretty proud of.

The best strains for those who are looking to lose weight are Thai and Maeng Da strains. These two strains are by far the most potent for suppressing appetite due to their stimulant effects. Strains such as Bali, while they still have some appetite suppressant qualities, can cause cravings for sweeter food (from my and other users’ experiences).

Although kratom isn’t an alternative to eating healthy and working out, it is surprisingly effective.


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